Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2c 2c United~ Halt~ Salute~ Respect!!!

Haha..yesterday.. i gave sir Samy this blog..and i was like.. OMG what i did lol?
anyways.. Sir if u interested.. i can open a blog for u ^.^
OK! Salute!! Its the Tosei Passing by..Club National Anthem pls!

(Akon Smack That)..
Ohh~ Tosei~ all on the floor~
Tosei ~ give me somemore~
Tosei ~ Eat with Curry~
ohh~~ oh~~


  1. hehe...^.^ 2cunited ROCK!

  2. hahha kent ur going to die man frm him ... dont worry i will support u ... tht song was funny but lame ...

    2c united member ..

  3. link me la...min thean here...soki-thean.blogpsot.com