Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2c 2c United~ Halt~ Salute~ Respect!!!

Haha..yesterday.. i gave sir Samy this blog..and i was like.. OMG what i did lol?
anyways.. Sir if u interested.. i can open a blog for u ^.^
OK! Salute!! Its the Tosei Passing by..Club National Anthem pls!

(Akon Smack That)..
Ohh~ Tosei~ all on the floor~
Tosei ~ give me somemore~
Tosei ~ Eat with Curry~
ohh~~ oh~~

Guys Check It Out~

Anyways.. this site had been created for a time now..
so long me make some summary bout it..
THis blog is specified for SSTC member only..
well as u can see..its to honour and respect our great leader..
TOSEI DE MAN!! (crowd shouting and spitting)
haha...and ya.. i got nothing better to do..? so what?
i still rocks XD

Sunday, April 5, 2009

OMG..Its Done!

after all the trouble...
after all the disaster..
finally... the blog is fkcing done!
hahah! damn! thx to all those that participate ( me?)

Dude Pls Take Note!

Anyone interested Or already a member of 2c group.. pls contact me.. if i forgot ur name in the member list...^.^ thx.. support 2c!

Welcome All~ Its 2CUnited For The Sake~

hihi..all its 2C United.. as i promise.. it exist! haha...^.^ pls elave some comment always~^.^